Rubber Woman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ghostrider49

Recently i watched the "Rubber woman" episode from the American horror stories. It got me fantasizing. Imagine what if such a house exists, where the inhabitants are the spirits of the people who died there. Myself, just like the protagonist, am a 20+ something girl. I still haven't come out as a lesbian, or bi. Or maybe I am confused. But, of one thing I am sure. It's my S/M tendencies. I am a masochist(not exactly violent). The spirits are not the killing type as portrayed in the show. Rather they tend to be a bit nymphomaniacal. Among them, is a spirit of a psychotherapist. She helps every new inhabitants to get accustomed to the spirit world. I enjoy my time with her during our sessions. I am attracted to her. I tell her about my sexual fantasies and everything. At Halloween, the spirits throw a house party. It's basically an orgy. I am dressed in my black s/m suit. I look around and find her. Dressed in a leopard leotard, she looks ravishing. I immediately hold her by her arms and take her to my bedroom. There are already some spirits having sex in there. But I don't care. I slam her on my bed and put on my Strapon. It's her moans that steals other spirits attention towards us. I keep on pounding her. I stop for a bit and look at the spirits- "Join or scram".