Rose Water

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

Everything was normal.
She, naked, sitting on me, naked, on a bare floor.
Only a large towel under my back and my buttocks.
We were fucking.
My hands had widened her ass and with my middle finger I had begun to dig the little hole.
Going on riding me, she had taken the enema bulb full of warm water and had brought it to her anus. She gently pulled out my finger and pulled in the spout of the enema. Gently she pumped water into her gut and on my cock planted in her cunt I could feel the flow of warm liquid. When emptied the enema, she pulled out the spout and tightened her ass hole to retain water.
We continued to fuck.
Her face betrayed no sensation: if not, from time to time, spasms of pleasure and efforts not to explode.
It did not last any longer.
When she realized that my cock was going to fill her cunt, she relaxed her little hole and a stream of still warm and transparent water began to wet my balls. I came deep and long. She came too and the smell of rose water that had filled her guts invaded the air around us.