A Sexual Fantasy

— By Birthofsanity

When I saw her face in the semi-darkness, my breath stopped. For a second, I turned into a walking dead man, with some kind of thing that was about to tear the fly on my jeans. Finally, my heart started pounding again, so much so that I had to write it a fine for exceeding the permitted speed of contractions. She came up to me, touched my chest with her hand, trying to tame this rhythm. It was useless. I was more worried than I had ever been in my life. "Relax, I won't do anything wrong," Alice whispered...We'll be fine... I tried to do my best to put aside my fears. And that's when I was in the middle - she touched it. At that moment, all my brain power accumulated over the years flowed away in an unknown direction. I was no longer that smart, harmless, non-suspicious boy - in one second I turned into a machine that is obliged to do everything possible to ensure that this girl wakes up the whole neighborhood with her moans. Step one - I kissed her neck. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a smile on her face. Was she tickled or did she like it? "Go on," she said, as if reading my inner question. Without hesitation, I gently touched her earlobe with my tongue. When I heard a sigh confirming the movement in the right direction, my hand seemed to start stroking her breasts by itself. In response, she abruptly grabbed my penis and was not going to let go. She was brave and I liked that. Here is the moment. Everything started spinning sharply. We, as gentlemen, began to take turns taking off each other's clothes. Everything was going to ensure that we would spend an unforgettable night together. We did this until we were completely exhausted. She did things that never occurred to me, she was great. And judging by her words - I was good too. And really - I tried. For the sake of such night it was really worth it. I wanted it to go on forever. I was not averse to prolonging this hedonistic trip again and again. Alice didn't mind either. It seemed that she wanted to immerse me completely in herself.