No retreat! No surrender!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By cacophony

Heavy rain outside, "nice time" to go out with my friends. One second before I entered in the bar I texted to my dear - "Be good on your trip, you know that I will while I'm waiting for you to come back"! In that moment that sounded like an axiom. Five seconds later, when the door of the bar opened I felt like I entered in Hell. Heat in almost crowded bar started to dries up my wet hair and shirt, but that was only the first "circle of Dante's inferno".- "Nothing scary so far", I thought, so many people are dancing around me, smiled faces, eyes were glowing like a moon in the lake at night, dust is in the air... But, Dante's circles started to multiply in my own inferno that night after few shots of whiskey. Am I still on Earth, in that bar, or am I already in purgatory? I wish I could think rationally, but I can't. Am I enjoying in that? I can't deny. Usual talk with my male friends became so boring when I turn my head aside. I just see them opening their mouths but I can't hear them, I'm already hypnotized with that Devil in front of me. She has no horns, she has no trident in her hands, she has no tail but she sure has word sin written all over her face. Why I can't move my eyes off her? Why my legs are moving me closer to her, while my friends are surprised? I don't care, she is my Medusa, she is my siren, her lust sounds so sweet in my ears, her arms on my shoulders burn like ember while we dance. Can I resist? Did Odyssey resit to the sound of the sirens? I know I can't. She grabbed my hand and took me to the bathroom with her, with no words spoken. The cabin is so small, even if I would like to resist it would be so hard! My arms refuse to surrender, but my mind is acting different. My mind tells me to kiss her passionatelly, to bite her lustfully, to move her skirt up, to take her panties down... Lust, lust, lust is in the air, blood is boiling like a hot water, we can't stop... Those few minutes lasted like eternity to me. She left first, with no saying bye. I was good like I promised, it's my mind's fault, not mine.