Resonant Bodies

A Sexual Fantasy

— By a_cellist

When playing the cello, a musician invites an instrument between their legs in a ways that shows the performers strength and gentleness, but also athletic coordination and grace. My fantasy is to see a cellists naked body flex and gesticulate as she connects her own sexuality to that of the music’s. This is a fantasy of aesthetics and energy, fucking and the physical manifestation of vibration. The Violoncello's shape, is created after the feminine physique. Curving in a manner that resembles a woman laying on her side, its body is caressed intimately (and at times with a furiousness) as it is held tightly between the musician’s legs. When its body vibrates wildly onto the musician playing it, it creates a resonant body out of all those who can hear it. When I fantasise, I fantasise about seeing a woman performing baroque cello music confidently and nakedly on stage. I want to see her in a state of flow, one not unlike that of self pleasure. As she plays, I would like to see the music reflect the nature of this person’s experience: rather than emote in a common “rollercoaster-like climax”, I would like to see the gesture and arc of time inform its sexuality. What does it mean to become a resonant body? Does the cello represent the feminine? Where does the individual end, and the cello begin when a musician breathes through an instrument? I would like these questions to be answered with minimal and lust-filled masturbation.