A Sexual Fantasy

— By Readme

I am a 34 year old single mother. My husband died one year ago. I didn't have sex after that. Life was boring with my kid and job. I wanted to have sex but not sure how I would get it. I was done with masturbation and it didn't excite me anymore. My body craved for a strong sense of physical connection and touch. That's when I texted a college friend of mine after a long time of not seeing each other. Everyone in our class used to say he had a crush on me back then, so I thought I had a chance. I told him that I would like to meet him sometime on a weekend. We met in a coffee shop and he was excited to meet me. He was married and had two kids. We spoke about our college days and I asked him whether it was true that he had a crush on me. He admitted that he did hesitantly. He said he really loved me and also wanted to propose at one point but apparently he couldn't dare to do so. I asked him if he still had feelings for me, and he said I still make him go weak in his knees. I am not sure why he loved me so much. I told him about my life and my husband's death and he looked sorry. I told him that it was frustrating in many ways including sexually. I asked him if he could help me have a good time. He was happy, but chose to hide it. He agreed after some more talking and I invited him to my house that day. He came for dinner and we retired to my room after I put my kid to bed. We had sex that night, the kind I was craving for. He said he never thought he would be having sex with me and that he was lucky. It was mutual benefit for both of us. That night we had sex three times, and never have I ever been so expressive in bed.