A Sexual Fantasy

— By Blossom

Due to a condition called vaginismus, my vaginal muscles would close up like a wall, blocking anyone or anything from entering my pussy. It tormented me for years. I desired pleasure, yet all I experienced was pain. I longed for the day she could open up. That day is finally here.

After months of pelvic physical therapy to overcome vaginismus, I heard the words I'd been yearning for years: You're free. You can have sex now. I couldn't believe it! I screamed with joy and cried happy tears on the way home. All the hours of therapy had paid off.

Each night I worked on learning to love my body again. I slowly rubbed my hands across my breasts, tummy, my thighs. I touched my secret place, caressing her folds. I placed a small dilator on the edge of my vaginal entrance, so she wouldn't be afraid. I whispered to her that she was wonderful and deserved to be happy.

After a few days of that, I applied coconut oil to the dilator and gently pressed it into her. She opened slightly. Her walls started melting. And so did my doubts and fears. With each night of doing this ritual and therapy for months, her walls melted. She bloomed and opened her wonderland.

I am so excited to explore her for myself. I'm also anxious to feel the warmth of my boyfriend inside her with no fear. I've wanted this for so long. She's ready and so am I.