A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kiwie

My fiancé works as a teacher's aid at a pre-school, so he works with nothing but little kids and women. There's this little shed outside in the playground where the teachers store toys. He is always the last to go in after classes are over, since he cleans up the space. I volunteer form time to time to help out at the school, but I mainly do it just to spend some more time with him. Recently he started joking around about having a "quicky" in the shed, but what he doesn't know is that I keep fantasizing about getting naked in there, while everyone is inside not knowing. I can just imagine our bodies, hot and sweaty in that old-looking shed. Just the thought and thrill of getting caught by one of the so-called innocent old lady teacher gets me wet. One day, he will ask me in a joking manner "how about a quick one in the shed?" and I'm just going to pull him in and seriously take advantage of him!