The Reason for Phoenix

A Sexual Fantasy

— By aliasmystic

This past weekend I was flying home to Dallas from Phoenix AZ, after spending time with a relatively new lover. New enough that a little awkwardness was still there. The weekend wasn’t what I expected but I was grateful for the insight I gained. Anyway, I boarded my flight and I was in my typical aisle seat close to the front of the plane. All of a sudden, my gratitude was reciprocated. I thought “Thank you Universe” because suddenly Antonio was standing in front of me waiting to sit down. Tall, black and so hot. Young professional, clearly well traveled, with depth in his eyes and a confident, and dominant energy about him.

I caught his eye contact and smiled at him. He paused a moment and then looked away. It happened again and I made sure to stare straight at him for as long as I could while smiling. He stared right back and then shook his head, looked me up and down and licked his lips. His seat was in the middle seat across the aisle from me. The aisle cleared he reached over and gave me his card. I texted him and said “hi 8E” (his seat number). He replied “they say the eyes never lie”. Then we took off and couldn’t text any longer.

We made eye contact every few minutes, with a smile and a shake of the head, the entire two hour flight. At one point he got up to use the restroom and rubbed my shoulder as he walked by. I went to the restroom too and couldn’t believe how dripping wet I was from just eye contact and anticipation.

Once we finally landed we started texting again and determined that we would find a place to have a drink. It was late so options were limited to just Applebee’s. I had parked at a 3rd party parking lot near the airport. After we got our luggage, we stepped outside to wait on the shuttle. I took my hair clip out and let my hair down. He stopped and stared at me and just grabbed a handful of hair at the base of my neck. The shuttle came so he took it with me to my car. As soon as we sat down on that shuttle his hands were on my legs, arm was around me, my hands were on his inner thigh. We could not wait to get some privacy. Everything was prolonged. An elderly lady got on the shuttle by mistake so we had to stop and let her off and get her bags off. My car wasn’t in the spot it was supposed to be in, so we had to go find it. It was torture.

Once we were finally in my car, we pretty much attacked each other. Kissing mostly. It was everything I had spent the last three hours hoping it would be. We left the parking lot and headed to Applebee’s. His friend was only ten minutes out at this point so we skipped the drink and parked in a dark spot under a tree. I told him about being so wet just from eye contact and he said he didn’t believe me. Obviously I let him see for himself, and he pulled his hand out of my pants and it was dripping through his fingers. He said “that’s beautiful”.

He fingered me and said he hated the idea of wasting such a wet pussy. He asked if I wanted a glimpse of what I had to look forward to. He pulled out a long, thick, smooth, beautiful cock. I couldn’t help myself, I immediately started licking him. We are on the clock this whole time.

He is a great balance of connected dominance and shoves my head down to be sure I take his whole dick. I was choking and he had me by the hair, and I was so turned on. He filled my throat with his cum and I swallowed like his “good girl”. His friend called to say he was coming up the parking lot, and while he had his friend on speaker phone he began to finger me again. I moaned and cried out into my sleeve as quietly as I could.

His friend came up and he got out and said “You can’t be keeping that from me for too long, we are connected now. Bye baby”

It was one of, if not THE hottest rendezvous of my life. And it was a great end to the weekend.