A real orgasm on set

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Adela Urygova

This is a real story. Some years ago I worked in porn movies and I did one "partouze" (group sex) scene in Paris for a French producer. It was in an apartment with a very nice view of over the city, big room with sofas and big windows. Around a dozen people, guys and girls, all naked in the room and fucking, no condoms. One of the guys on the shoot was a young, attractive guy. He had his head shaved bald, mustache and tribal tattoos on his arms and he looked like a teenage boy. But he had the most perfect penis I have ever seen in my life and I have seen many. It was not just its size but its shape. I like penises with big heads and he had the biggest dickhead I have ever seen, it looked like a beautiful mushroom. Well, almost perfect because he had not shaved so he had a hairy bush, balls and butt and he smelled very strong so I had to hold my breath giving him a blowjob. But he ate my pussy and ass like a master, sticking his face between my buttocks. Around me, all others fucked but I only cared about him. On a sofa next to the window he banged me like crazy in doggy position, so hard I felt like a virgin again. I was really wet and moaning of pleasure, not acting, and he talked dirty to me in French all the time, saying funny things to me like "dirty slut", "cheap pussy and "easy ass". I had an orgasm and he came inside me too, the sofa was wet with our cum. I speak some French and after the scene was over we talked a little, he told me his name was Antoine, he was from Haiti and he was just an extra actor but I never saw him again even though I still remember this and get horny.