Rainy Night

A Sexual Fantasy

— By tinyisland

its a mff threesome with pegging, set in a nice cozy looking house with warm lighting , couple has a female friend over for dinner that they haven't seen in awhile, having some drinks after and talking and its revealed in conversation that the two females used to casually hook up with each other ,starts raining harder and the lights start to flicker, so they light some candles, the female guest is fumbling through her luggage looking for a sweater when a strap on falls out the females have a quick giggle and she start slowing kissing her partner, then all three of them take turns kissing,a bunch of oral and foreplay on each other, then the guest female puts on the strap on and just rest the shaft between the cheeks of the males ass while he's licking his partners vagina. they all have a great romantic and beautiful time exploring eachother.