Rain Goddess

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SoakedLondoner

I’m so sick of being wet, not in the sexual sense. No, because it’s been raining for 2 months. I’m at my wits end. I hate the tube so I walk home, but I arrive drenched. Wellington boots instead of cute shoes, soaked trenchcoat, my hair dripping wet even though I carry an umbrella. Arghhh! This totally kills the mood and I never feel sexy enough to feel like seducing my man. This rain will kill us! Last week I dreamed something that I want to confess here in case you want to turn it into one of your great films. 

I got home, the rain hadn’t soaked me completely through, my hair was perfectly waves, high heels, luxury stockings, and underneath the trenchcoat.... the expensive lingerie that I saw online and dared to buy. 

My man sees me enter and drops his jaw to the ground, I dance on top of him while I undress and then we have the best sex of this shitty wet London spring.