Queen of Songhai

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sabina

An Indian princess called Lila meets an African king named Atipo. Lila is very pretty with long black hair and skin that shimmers in the sunlight. Her eyes are so big that you can literally see India through them. Her appearance makes the king almost mad. But Lila is a very goodhearted girl. She helps the poor and never treats anyone badly. Very soon they fall in love and date for months and months. But no sexual intercourse happens between them.
So, one day Atipo asks the princess "Lila, we've been together a long time. I want to be close to you". Lila looks at him surprised and says "What do you mean by close? We are already neighbors". The young king desperately looks at the girl. He tries to explain it to her. After awhile the princess understands what he means. "But there is one problem. In India a couple has to marry first". Atipo thinks and agrees with her "Then I want to marry you. So will you be my wife?".
A few days later the King Atipo marries Princess Lila. All Family Members are there. The marriage takes place in a big palace. After the wedding is finished, everybody goes home, only the couple remain. In true tradition, they go to their beautifully decorated bedroom. And there Lila sits shyly on the Bed. She wears a red Sari. "You look so beautiful". Lila smiles softly at him. He goes straight to her and kisses her full lips. "Now you are the Queen of Songhai", he says in a whispering voice. Now he continues kissing her. He kisses her everywhere. On her neck, her ears, her breasts... And then hes sticks his tongue in her. She receives his tongue with her mouth too. Now he suddenly stops and looks her into her eyes and very gently pulls her Sari down. He kisses her belly and sucks her bellybutton. Lila can feel his hard penis on her leg. Atipo smiles at her...