Quarantined With a Beauty.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PS7

In covid-19. I have a quarantine fantasy. I got quarantine in case of the suspect. But there are more people so More than one person gets a single room. I got quarantine with a very hot girl. We talk a lot and become friends. She tells me that she's a doctor etc. This is a summer night. Lots of hotness and humidity. Suddenly lights go off. We're getting wet in sweat. I just remove my shirt and feels uncomfortable. She's wearing a skin-fit t-shirt and leggings. Suddenly she wants to go washroom. But the door is lock and there's no one outside. After an hour when she can't bear it she's just peeing in leggies. She feels awkward and very bad. I said it's ok. Not your fault nature calls. She asked me if I don't feel awkward I wanna remove my dress. And then she undresses, I can see her nearly naked. Only in underwear. My stick is getting hard. She can see it under my shorts too. She comes closer to me and asks as I never see a naked girl before. I said never. She's so sexy and so close to me. I just kiss her. She also getting in the mood and kiss me back. She sits on top of me and kissing and out her one hand in my trouser. And then going down. She gives me a very sensual blowjob. I remove her bra and start to lick her. I put my cock in her hole. Her panty is hanging down in her legs. We try a lot of positions. We both get wet in sweat and spit of each other. She sleeps naked on me the whole night. That's fucking awesome 👍