She Tasted Like Pure Perverse Heaven

A Sexual Fantasy

— By randytree

My girlfriend and I had arrived home later than anticipated and we were horny but tired. We retired to the bedroom after playing around in kitchen for a little while. I still remember the feeling of my cock hard against her ass as she leaned over the counter.

We lay down and she drifted into deep slumber. I was still too restless from the evening's activities and, after ensuring that my girlfriend was fast asleep, began to massage her tight little butthole and still-wet pussy.

Adrenaline from the perversion fueling my actions, I slowly inserted a finger inside her ass after moistening it with saliva, and began to finger fuck her whilst rubbing her clitoris with my thumb.

After a while I removed my finger and slid under the covers to tease her anus with my tongue. She tasted like pure perverse heaven. She began to moan quietly as I continued to probe her, growing exponentially louder the deeper my tongue explored. Until she grabbed my hair and forced my face in further. After a while I began to run out of air and lifted myself from the confines of the bed covers.

I met my girlfriends eyes as my pajamas dropped of their own accord, she rolled onto the edge of the bed and whispered "Fuck me" pointing where my tongue had just been, "Here".

I gladly obeyed.