Public Foot Play

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Steve A

It is so many years ago, but I still cherish this as one of my best erotic memories. I think I was 20 at the time, and I was sitting in a café with a girl a couple of years younger than me. She used to be the girlfriend of a friend of mine, but they had broken up.
It was a Saturday and we were eating a late breakfast, after we had been out partying the night before. I felt tired, lazy and a bit horny – a typical “the day after”. I think she felt the same way, and she had a flirtatious glimpse in her eyes.
Suddenly I felt her foot by my ankle. She had taken her shoes off, and she was caressing me with her sweet nyloned foot. I love legs and feet in nylon, and I think she had noticed this earlier. She smiled and slipped her foot up between my legs and in my crotch. I was hard – and had been for a while, and she massaged my erection outside my pants. – Take it out, she said. I was looking around and no one seemed to notice, so I opened my zipper and let it out.
She came with the other foot and squeezed me so good under the table. I held and supported her feet with my hands, and she gave me a treatment I never have forgotten. The soft nylon soles around me - did it for me.
We got in a hurry, and moved on to continue what we had started in her apartment nearby. However, we could not wait and stopped on the street to make out. We were outside a public building that was closed on a Saturday, and we went into the entryway, and found a private corner there.
I went down on her up against the wall, lifted her skirt, and pulled down the pantyhose. I noticed she had nothing under her pantyhose. I licked her a long time, and at the same time took off the shoe of the foot that was up in the air. I love to hold and feel the shape of a nyloned foot.
She rubbed her wetness in my face, and I licked and tasted her juices as they flowed out of her. She pulled me up after a while, and opened my pants again, and we had sex up against the wall – in the middle of the day. I don’t think anyone saw us, but if they did, we wouldn’t have noticed it anyway.