A Sexual Fantasy

— By Scarletletter

The probation officer walk in my front door. This first was the usual tall dark and handsome man. My husbands usual probation officer. The second officer was a new short and petite female officer.

My husband is on probation for having three DUI's within a year. The dumbass. The female officer orders him to the bathroom from his drug screening. Something that was pretty common now. Leaving me alone with tall dark and handsome.

"Aren't' you going to search me?" I ask him. We'd been flirting for months. He orders me against the wall tells me to spread it. I'm dripping wet with anticipation as he slaps my ass with one big hand.

I gasp as he forcefully pulls my pants and underwear down. I begin to wonder how long the other officer will keep my husband busy as I feel his big fat cock spread apart the lips of my tight pussy.

Shaking with anticipation he begins to fuck me hard. Not wasting anytime. I bite my lip to keep from screaming. I'd been waiting for this moment for months. No sooner does he cum that I hear the toilet flush. Only a minute at best before they walk in on us.

As his dick falls out with a pop, I bend over to pull my pants up. A massive drop of cum hits my panties. I pull it up just in time to fix my hair and try my best to act natural.

This story is somewhat based on a true story. My husband did get a DUI and the probation officer was insanely hot. I used to dream about him touching me all the time. I love to see them put my cocky husband in his place.