Primal Switch

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PrimalGuy

It is prehistoric times. The primal instinct to mate has brought us together. We are male and female, naked, searching, surviving. We must eat. I must hunt. I feed you.

The forest surrounds us with danger. Beasts. Marauders. Other males who will take you, savagely. Your safety - your very life - require my protection.

Another male appears behind the trees. We both know he will kill me and take you.

I attack him. To protect you. You hide. You do not watch, but you listen. You hear the pounding, the screams. Every cell of your body trembles with fear - and excitement. Lust consumes you in anticipation of my victory, when I will claim you as my bounty.

I burst from the trees roaring in triumph, and proclaiming my male prowess- sweating, bleeding, my cock fully engorged. I have killed another man and you are the prize. I can smell your arousal, your capitulation. It flicks my primal switch.

I mount you in a frenzied, re-take-you fuck. With each frenetic thrust I reclaim you as mine. With each shuddering orgasm you show your submission. I explode inside of you and melt your body around mine.