Pregnant Friend

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kiko

I am a 32 year old guy from Greece and in a long relationship with my 28 years old girlfriend. We have a friend which we both like a lot and we are courting for a threesome. She is now three months pregnant and is very horny all the time.

My fantasy is that one evening we gather at my place to eat dinner and drink some wine, with some spanish music on the background and we start messing around with each other. She has all the attention from both of us, me and my gf. We start stripping her and while my girlfriend kisses her on the lips i caress her belly. We lay down on the floor and both me and my girlfriend start kissing her from head to toe and we meet on her belly where we start kissing pationately. My girlfriend grabs our sextoys and starts playing with her while i kiss her on the lips. After a moment we are all nude and she starts sucking me while my girlfriend is playing with her juicy pussy. My girlfriend starts using a dildo on her, while she inserts a buttplug in my ass. The lights are low, the music is high and you can smell the sex in the air. I do not penetrate her, i let my girlfriend finish her while i masturbate watching them and caresing both of them. This is only but the begining of a long series of adventures between the three of us.