A Sexual Fantasy

— By Semiscrump

I have often mused that cooking shows do for my stomach and brain, what pornography does for my genitals and brain - they excite.

My wife and I love watching documentaries, especially about food. We have fallen in Love with David Gelb's Chef's Table that is featured on Netflix. It is a wonderful blend of art, science, music, literature and spoken word that excites our culinary creativity.

It makes us not only want to go to these restaurants and experience those chef's art, but to also incorporate their own passion and technique into our experience at home.

I would love to see a look at some of the leaders' in the sex industry (researchers, performers, artists, workers) done in the style of Chef's table - an inspirational piece of work that would inspire my wife and I to meet, interact with and incorporate their passion and technique into our sex-experience at home.