Polyamorous Paradise

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PolyamParadise

As a polyamorous person, it has always been my dream to live in a commune with all of my partners and their own partners, living, working, and fucking together… I like to imagine a private property, where clothing is totally optional, the weather is beautiful, and consensual sex is as much a normal part of daily life as cooking and cleaning. I can picture walking through the kitchen of my home, spying my wife in nothing but an apron, preparing her favorite dish for later. I imagine my husband, bent over the table on the back porch as his boyfriend passionately fucks him. Next door I can see another of my paramours, lounging naked in a lawn chair with a fruity drink in their hand and absentmindedly fingering themselves as they daydream in their backyard. They catch me watching and gesture for me to join them, and I linger just long enough to embrace my wife, then kiss my husband while he’s still getting pounded, before heading over to make passionate love to my paramour. My wife might join if she wants to, or she might have other ideas for how to spend her free time. At the end of the day, we all still love each other, and happily enjoy each other’s company. This place, this Polyamorous Paradise, may exist purely in the realm of dream, but our feelings are real, no matter who they are for, and they all deserve the same love, care, respect, and attention.