police control

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nexi

My lover and myself cannot meet at either her or my place. So we meet often in the car - I have a red car where I can lower the back seats and have a large booth. Put in some cushions and soft blankets and we create a love nest. One day, parked next to a park, on rather secluded parking space, we are in the car, both naked, making love. We kiss, we lick each other, we touch each other everywhere, we moan, we grunt, we laugh, we love. All of a sudden, a loud knocking sound "open up, police". Without thinking, I comply. Bad mistake. Two police officers stand there, looking at us naked in the booth of the car. One of them is a man, rugged, tall, broad shoulders, strong. The other is a woman with large breasts, a fierce expression and strongly built. They order us to get out, and bring us to their van, where they will interrogate and inspect us. They tie us up, still naked, in the police van, and start to do much more than interrogate us. The policeman feels up my lover, touches her breasts, and starts to finger her. When we start to protest, he gags us both, and continues. My lover moans, and I see her getting very wet. She can't help herself rocking back and forth her hips from his fingering. In the mean time, the policewoman has taken off her clothes, and stimulates my penis and asshole. I get very hard, and she sits herself upon me, fucking me slowly. I moan, but can't help getting very, very excited. Both me and my lover have wild orgasms from their rape. Then they shift places - he starts abusing me, she starts abusing her. Our bodies continue to enjoy being used like this, and we all have several more orgasms in the next couple of hours. Eventually, they release us, and order us to come back next week, same time, same place, if we don't want to be prosecuted. We know we will comply. We also know they will bring some colleagues.