Poker Game

A Sexual Fantasy

— By marcuswest

When our sex life was cooling down a little, we start looking for something that was interesting. Until one day, a friend of my wife called us to play poker. He said it was a place where only those invited could participate. But the stakes were in money and sex! Those who won, took the money, but those who lost, had to do sexual favors. She said we could go, but if we weren't confident, we could just look, without participating. We decided to we wanted to find out, so on the appointed day, we pulled up to a very beautiful mansion. There were only a few people, 6 couples including us. The game started and we decided not to participate.

After a few rounds, the first loser: A young man of about 25 years lost everything and also his beautiful wife! She was 23 years old, blonde and blue eyed. And the winner was soon asking: "Take your clothes off I want to enjoy my prize!" A little embarrassed and her husband watching, she had no choice and was completely naked. The winner got up from the table and took off his clothes. His cock was already hard! She got on her knees and sucked! He shifted and made a 69, her husband still watching. She was then on all fours and he entered! He was so quick in this position, without haste, to make her come ... and then enjoy! We asked to leave as we were so horny we were fucking as soon as we got home!