Poetry of Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By j.

"You have to see my place", she said, and having talked a long time about life and literature, I was more than ready to go. So I followed this elegant, self-assured woman into her apartment, and I found us surrounded by thousands of books. Bookshelves covered the walls, but when she put on some music and came close, I was in another world. We kissed and started to dance. She turned and swayed her hips against mine, and my hands were caressing her everywhere, but mostly her beautiful breasts. I undressed her and noticed she was wearing nothing under her summer dress. Then she stepped back as if to tell me to look at that wonderful body. Watching her, she told me to undress, and when I was naked, she went down on me. There I was, standing in the middle of this library, enjoying her, and during the night, I found out that her passion for sex was even stronger than her passion for literature.