Poetic Gushes

A Sexual Fantasy

— By OpenMyHoles

I met my first at Lane's Bookstore. We stumbled upon each other at the poetry section. From there things started to bloom; We'd talk on the phone and hung out on in the weekends. His name was Thomas Daichi. A poetry loving Japanese.
One day after a long Saturday night out, we went to his place; It was the closest and we were pretty hammered. He brought me in and I sat down on the first soft looking thing I could ever find - the carpet. We continued talking and talking about life, poetry, feelings.
He then started reading out his favourite poem, and I noticed that his face was more beautiful in the moonlight than it was in daylight. We looked at each other, and we kissed passionately. We kissed, we touched, and kissed some more. He'd whisper poetry about sex and the curves of a woman to my ear. Oh my god, his voice. I was so wet. We were both in nothing but skin.
He then slowly kissed my nipples, licking them in swirl motions. I never felt like this before. It was so hot and delicious. He left trails of wet kisses all the way down to my hips. He stopped. I waited, breathlessly. A minute passed and he blew air to my pussy. I quivered. Slowly, he kissed my thighs, inner thighs, hips. It lasted for awhile, then I felt his tongue on my clit. I screamed pleasurably. I now wanted him inside me. No - I needed him inside me. He stopped, and he put his face directly above mine. He just stood there and looked me in the eye. He looked beautiful. It was my first time, so I took this chance to tell him that I was a virgin. I then felt him, going inside me. It felt so damn good. He thrust out and back in again. I screamed with pleasure. He looked at me to see if I was okay, and I nodded for him to continue. He kissed my neck. He breathed next to my hear. I felt his balls, hitting me. I felt his yummy cock in me. As time passed, I'd feel the thrust moving faster and faster. I sank my nails into his shiny back. My pussy felt tighter and tighter around his cock. "Yes, yes", I said. We came together after 2 hours. Who knew the first time would be this amazing.