The Pleasure Section of the Department Store

A Sexual Fantasy

— By umemulo

Karin was going home after the office with a broken hair dryer - hopefully it can be replaced by a new one in her favorite department store, so, although she was tired, she went to the information desk.
"Go to the top floor, take the second corridor to the left to the end, then open the last door", said the lady.
She did it ... the corridor was very long and everything was quiet except some moaning that was louder with every step.
She opened the last door and ..... saw a older lady, almost naked, getting up from a guy that obviously fucked her out.
"Next, please", he said with a calm yet powerful voice. She was almost hypnotized. He took her hand and with a quick move took her shirt and skirt off, with another move, her pants were also on the floor. She couldn't breath ... and then he took her hand and put it on his enormous cock, very gently ... and started to move.
She was uncapable to say anything, it was so strange ... but he was so calm, gentle ... and she hadn't had sex for last two years. How good it was to feel him inside of her! In a couple of minutes she had the most powerful orgasm in her life, with a loud scream. He put her gently at his side and, as another lady stepped into the room, he said "Next, please!" Karin, trembling and with a body still feeling him, put her shirt and the skirt on and silently get out of the room, going back.
Passing by the information desk, the lady asked her with a significant smile: "Were you satisfied with our service, madam?"
"Well ...", Karin didn't know what to say ..."You know, we have much more female customers since we introduced our new colleague ... I must admit that I have to go for reclamation at least once a week ..", she said. "Thanks!", said Karen ... good that she took the hair dryer with her, she that she can came over again in couple of days...