Pleasure Party

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sarah

I was new at university and in my second week, Theresa, the nice girl from my lab invited me to a house party at her place. I was very excited because that would be a chance to make some friends. So in the evening I dressed up, put on my favourite red silk dress und some high heels and took the subway to get to her place. When I arrived, I rang the doorbell and a guy opened the door. He was handsome and ... completely naked. I was about to turn around and go because I was probably at the wrong house but then he said “You must be Theresas friend from university!” “Yeah that’s me. I’m Sarah.” He took my hand and pulled me gently into the hallway. A lot of other people were already there and they were all naked. A girl in the back pleasuring herself with a magic wand. A couple close by kissing passionately while his dick touches her inner tighs and his hands are squeezing her breasts. A girl with red hair is bending over, moaning while some guy is fucking her from behind. She really seems to enjoy. They all do! I realise how I get a little wet myself...the guy from the door smiles at me: “do you want me to show you around?” And before I can even think about it I say “Please.” He takes my hand and leads me upstairs. On our way we hear moaning, they’re are some girls licking each other right to our left. I stop to watch them but Jonathan (the guy from the door) pulls me further. He opens the door of a small room with only a bed in it. “Do you also want to take your clothes of like the rest of us?” “I’m not sure, I’ve never done something like this.” “I can show you everything you need to know” he answers. I stare at him and actually I just want him to take my clothes off but I’m to shy to say it...He comes a little closer and unties the back of my dress. It falls to the ground and now I’m only wearing the tiny string I bought in that cute lingerie store. I see how his dick is getting harder. “Please take my string off.” I can’t believe that I’m saying that but he does as I said. By now I am really wet and comes closer to kiss me. The tip of his dick is slightly touching my pussy and I already crave for him to be inside me but he teases me. Just a little bit he slides into me but not enough for me to feel relieve. “Get on the bed.” I do what he tells me and I get on my knees and bend over before him on the bed. I spread my legs and push into his direction but he’s still teasing me. I am so wet by now that I can’t really believe. Suddenly the door opens and when turn around I see another guy enter the room. His dick is as hard as Jonathan’s and he asks “Do you mind if I join?” And I just smile at him and bend a little more to show him that I want him as well. He comes closer and grabs my ass while slowing sliding into me as I moan heavily. He pulls out and I feel Jonathan slide into me. They take turns and start to fuck me harder while I’m cuming. I never did before but now everything is wet and I feel a wave of relieve go through me.