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A Sexual Fantasy

— By tristate

Throughout our 45+ years together, I've been the early riser-up like toast-she says. I usually get up at 5:45 while she is still soundly sleeping. I gently caress & pat her backside, then quietly get out of bed and into the shower. In about 20 minutes, I'm back in the bedroom finishing getting dressed when she gets up and whispers "where are going"? As she sits on the side of the bed, she beckons me to her. After a moment of intimate embracing, she gently moves me back a step & starts to unbutton my shirt, loosens my belt and easily convinces me to finish undressing. Once undressed, she pulls the covers back and invites me to join her. While passionately embracing, I ask if she would like to mount or be mounted. She gently nudges me on my back, performs a brief but intense special favor, then slides up into the cow girl position, then lays flat on top of me. After her satisfaction has been reached, she allows me to select the positions of my choice to conclude this morning's session. While getting dressed, I remind her how she still knocks me out. She responded with "yes, I like being your early girl... got the worm didn't I?"