Playing Mind Games

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sinful

Have you ever during sex let your mind wander? How come that whilst submerging yourself in pleasure your imagination sparks like nothing else, yet when you try to focus on a thought it is gone and when you try and articulate it afterwards you can't seem to find the right words? I would love to be able to tap into my partners' mind during sex to see where their imagination is taking them, what hidden desires and kinky pleasures they are indulging in whilst their body is with me. Obviously, there needs to be reciprocity and an invitation to enter. I would love to also show them the thoughts in my head and fantasies that are just that, fantasies. I like to imagine that it is like walking down a corridor with doors going off on either side and as you walk along you can discover a new fantasy, kink or image as it becomes life behind each; no taboos, no judgement, a pure and unfiltered insight into each others' sexual desires. The ultimate voyeuristic and mind-bending experience of watching yourself or your partner indulge in fantasies whilst you are sharing a moment of deepest bliss without ever having to try and express or explain anything.