'Play Me'

A Sexual Fantasy

— By JaneyHeathly

I was sat in Soho, in a the basement of a coffee shop, trying to write a feature about this feminist adult film maker I had met a few nights before. But I’m distracted by a blonde girl with a wide smile bouncing down the stairs.

There’s a piano in the dimly lit basement with the sign, ‘Play Me’, except no one usually does.

Then I see the owner of the coffee shop walk downstairs. He is in his 30s, dark, handsome, always welcoming without being sleazy. He never notices me.

He sits down with the girl at the piano and I hear part of their conversation above the chatter of customers and the clonking of piano keys.

“Go on... Oh I see you are nervous”

“It’s just I haven’t played for maybe three years” she replies in her French accent.

“I can tell you’re good.”

After a moment they get up and begin to walk upstairs together. Their bodies are close but I can tell they’ve only just met. I think they are working out some nights for her to play here. I can’t tell exactly what they’re saying but I can certainly see they are flirting, lingering on the stairs.

I sit with my laptop…

… I wish I could play the piano.

- By MyPlaceOrYours