Pirate's Booty

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Morgan2002

I’m watching Pirates of the Caribbean again right now. It was my favourite movie when I was a teenager and my first male (Johnny Depp) and female (Keira Knightley) crushes were the main actors. I get a strong feeling of nostalgia watching this. I love the chemistry between Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann in the second Movie. It turns me on that they feel attracted to each other but never really act on it (and it kind of makes me crazy because I want it to happen so badly).

And it makes me fantasize on my own…

I think about a pirate adventure. I’m being on a ship on my way to find a treasure. But I’m stuck with this strong, good looking but totally untrustworthy pirate. I made a deal with him. He says he can help me, but of course he wants a cut… and maybe another favour. The negotiations were difficult, he constantly flirted with me and there is this chemistry between us. I can’t read him at all. I don’t know if he is going to betray me the first chance he gets. I never know what’s on his mind. Except: He wants me. And I want him. But I can’t show this weakness. I’m sure he will use it against me.

And then the night comes: I am in my cabin, sitting over my treasure map, studying coordinates, looking for clues. He knocks and enters, holding a bottle of rum (what else?) and two glasses. First, I want to kick him out immediately and tell him that his behaviour is inappropriate. But he offers me to look over everything together and I can’t resist the mischievous smile on his face. We sit and drink and talk. He comes closer and closer. I’m pointing on the map and he touches my hand. He looks me deep in the eyes. His eyes look like amber in the candlelight. His face is coming closer to mine, my legs are feeling weak. Then he finally kisses me with an intensity I never felt before. He grabs me and presses me against the table. He’s impetuous but not rough. I can feel that he wanted to do this for a very long time. And I’m happy that he finally did. I can’t resist him anymore. He is kissing my neck, touching my breasts, making his way down between my legs while he’s unbuttoning his pants. He already is hard. I can feel his erection pressing against me. And I’m wet. I’ve been ready the second he kissed me. He turns me around and bends me over the table. He lifts my long skirt and enters me deep with his beautiful cock. I moan loudly and full of pure lust. I’m already dick drunk (and rum drunk). He is thrusting inside me hard and hot, grabbing my ass and breasts. I am trying not to be too loud so not everyone would know what’s going on. But the table is shaking loudly with every thrust so we might still be waking up the men sleeping in their cabins under us. I don’t care anymore. He is hitting all the right spots, increasing his pace. I’m moaning louder and louder, his breath getting heavier and heavier. He notices I’m close, so he starts massaging my clit. When he finally cums I’m cumming with him in an explosion of pure pleasure.

We are sitting beside each other, still both breathing heavily. He runs his fingers through my messy long hair, looks me in the eyes (oh these amber eyes) and kisses me softly. It’s a softness I never would have expected of him. He smiles this beautiful mischievous smile of his. And I know I’m lost.

But maybe he is too…