Picnic sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Life

One spring, my husband and I went for a picnic. I was rather horny and turned on. There were groups of people at the tables, but we walked until we arrived to a little high rise, next to a stream. We laid out the picnic blanket, sat there and had lunch, while I was trying to seduce my husband. I touched his body, then his cock through his shorts. He was reluctant because we were in public. But the people in the tables were already gone, although two young men had arrived just when my husband had piped up to check. I didn't care. Once my husband came back I kissed him, while rubbing my hands under his shirt and over his chest. Then I sat over him and rubbed myself against him. I pulled up my skirt and unbuckled my husband's shorts. We touched each other. I had my hand on his cock, still wearing his underwear. I pulled his undies down and sucked his cock, moaning and enjoying myself. My husband said: Those guys saw me, what if they come over to see what we are up to? I said: I don't care as long as they don't try to join us. I was taken over by lust. I rolled over for my husband to have sex with me from behind while I laid on my side. He rubbed my clit. He put his penis in and out, my enjoyment increased. Then my husband came... The two young men walked out of the bushes coughing. My husband said he thought he had heard them getting closer while we were at our intimate interlude. I didn't mind, as I was happy and satisfied.