A Sexual Fantasy

— By xxx

Many years ago, while single and lonely in a big city, I enjoyed a number of very exciting and satisfying encounters with other men on the phone. I would log on anonymously to adult-themed chatrooms and announce myself — “bicurious 30-something interested in calling a man for jack off session, PM me.” It wouldn’t be long before I had my pick of men as horny as me, ready to talk dirty to another man while we masturbated ourselves to orgasm. We would send each other links to the porn we had been stoking our lust with, and when you found one with similar tastes, a conversation began. One guy I chatted with several times loved women with big bottoms as much as me, so we would pass assorted photos and videos of zaftig models presenting their asses, before one of us finally got excited enough to offer a phone number. It was always so exciting to hear the stranger’s voice, as ready as me to help another man ejaculate. We would keep looking at our favorite girls, breathing heavily into the phone as we pumped our cocks together and laid bare our lust for the female ass, but inevitably he would change the subject for the better. “I wish I was there so I could help you jack off,” he’d say, and I’d always reply, “yeah, that would be hot, I’d like that.” All of a sudden our focus moved to each other, our hard cocks and tingling nipples, our puckering anuses so ready for exploration, and would would join in a mutual fantasy of naked men in one bed, doing everything we’ve always suspected we would love to do. It was sexy every time, feeling his mouth on my cock, stroking his penis while I probed his bottom with my finger, licking his nipples, kissing each other hard and wet while we ground our bodies together, two stiff cocks getting off on each other, my hands on his ass, grinding, grinding until we both cum hard, spewing loads of forbidden cum between us, and we would howl into the phone, howl in our passion, ecstasy and freedom.