A Sexual Fantasy

— By Aaliyah

I am an average chemistry student. In my chemistry class, there is a female student with whom I have always been exchanging friendly smiles. We never spoke but just kept exchanging smiles every time we see each other. Her dusky complexion, almond shaped eyes and big smile would transform my insipid day into a very special one.

My friends always tease me and say she is out of my league. Well, she indeed maybe as she is a topper and has a boyfriend who owns flashy cars.

Came summer and I got an internship with a reputed cosmetics company. During breaks, we used to talk about pheromones and how they trigger sexual behaviours among certain animals.

This led me into thinking what if I could develop pheromones for humans. What if I could successfully develop a pheromone in my lab? What if I used that to attract the girl of my dreams? What if that pheromone drives her crazy and one day she comes into my lab and grabs me from behind and starts kissing, licking and biting my ears and neck? Will she tear my shirt apart and start kissing me all over? Will she take control of the process? Would we steam up the chemistry lab? Will we make love against the backdrop of bubbling chemicals?

I would be delighted to see this fantasy on a celluloid.