A Sexual Fantasy

— By Saturn

My day is over and I'm commuting back home with the bus. We're in the middle of the summer, and the bus is like a sauna. As I sit down, I close my eyes and focus on my music. After a moment, I feel that someone sat down beside me. Suddenly through the heavy and heated atmosphere of the bus, I feel a really nice and delicate perfume. I realize that the person sitting beside me is a woman. I crack my eyes a bit open, just to catch a glimpse of her. She's very carefully dressed, nicely arranged hair, subtle makeup, vaporous skirt, everything seems properly arranged. I close back my eyes. Not long into the ride, I start to feel one of the most arousing perfumes known to me: sweat combined with pussy juice. My whole body shudders at this realization. What I find also arousing is the contrast between the delicate, and neat and the wild and raw. I cannot help myself but dream of her blossoming vulva, in all shades of pink. Her hand gently stroking her precious pearl, as her intoxicating nectar starts to flow. Her nipples getting harder under her top, as she moans louder and louder until I can't hear my music anymore.

Fuck, I missed my stop...