People Change

A Sexual Fantasy

— By tantricseeker

I’d spent the week on the road, working intensively with clients, and she’d taken a week off of work to go on a trip with a bunch of her woman friends. She got home before me and was able to pick me up at the airport. She reported having a great time with her friends swimming, paddling, hiking, and taking various workshops at the lakeside retreat center they went to. She was somewhat evasive about the workshops, but we had a lot of other things to catch up on, so I soon forgot to ask more. We got home. I put my luggage away and checked my e-mail. No pressure from work, I could relax that evening, and we could watch one of our binge-shows together. I said as much, but was met instead with, “Nope, you’re taking a shower. Do a good job. I have plans for you.” I was thrilled, assuming I would “get lucky,” but I had no idea. I showered & shaved, stepping out of the shower to a note on the sink. “Dry off. Wear no deodorant. I like your fresh, showered smell. Then go to the bedroom and kneel on the X you will find there. Face away from the door.” This was incredibly uncharacteristic - in fact, absolutely unprecedented in our relationship of 30+ years. I didn’t know what to think, but a pleasurable thrill ran through me. I knew I would do as I was told. The X, made out of two black strips of cardboard, was in the middle of the open space of our room at the end of our long hardwood hallway. The curtains were closed. Candles were burning. I smelled perfume I could not identify. I knelt as I was told to do. I was beginning to get frustrated and contemplated getting up to go see what was really going on when I heard slow, unhurried steps coming down the hallway. Heels clacking on the hardwood floor. Approaching in a slow and casual auditory tease of anticipation. The door opened, and I resisted the urge to turn around. “Good,” she said, “you followed instructions. Keep doing so, and you’ll be rewarded. Fail in even the slightest way, and you’ll be punished.” I was thrilled. But who was this woman? Yes, it was my wife, but not the wife I knew her to be. I was fascinated to see what was unfolding and sexually aroused by this exhibition of dominance. She stepped around into my view, turning and facing me from about 10 feet away. Hands on her hips, silently staring down at me with a lovingly wry smile on her face. She was wearing tall black heels and dark black thigh-high stockings. A garter held them up, also black. She wore red silk-looking panties with black edging and a black bustier. Her wonderfully long silver-grey hair flowed down her back and over her shoulders. Always toned and fit, she would be a feast for anyone who enjoyed the look of women, and I felt myself immediately growing appreciatively hard. I loved her body whenever I saw it, but I had never seen her… adorned… in this way. “Do you like what you see?” she asked in a sultry voice. “Yes,” I responded immediately, “very much!” I'm glad to share the rest of the story if you wish...