Pacifist's Pleasure Battle

A Sexual Fantasy

— By raquelg

I met him through mutual friends. He was handsome, bearded with a timid smile and warm eyes, and funny, sarcastic and self-deprecatory. I invited him over to drink wine and watch television. We talked about his pacifism, my feminism, our shared political interests. We discussed his career as a jazz singer and teacher. After a few hours, it was time for him to leave for a work party, but he meandered at the doorway. As he opened the door, I burst, "Wait, there's something I have to do." I walked up an kissed him, stretching onto my toes. I expected a sweet surprised kiss back, but instead he kissed me hard, pushing me against a wall.
That night, we fucked for the first time. I told him I love having my hair pulled and a little bit of pain, so the next couple times he came over he decided to go a little further. There's something oddly empowering about being hurt during sex... Slaps, bites, grabs... Your body gluttonously consuming what should hurt and turning it into pleasure. Needless to say, I have a very high pain tolerance.
The third or fourth time he comes over, he fingers me while I'm on my hands and knees, face buried into the pink sheets of my bed. Then we lay down together, kissing and touching. His calloused fingers slide up to my throat and press down. We're staring into each others eyes. I bite my lip. His hand releases and returns. With his expert precision as a vocal instructor, he chokes me lightly. Then harder and harder. I've never been choked before during sex, it's always scared me a little. But not now. Not when he's stopping periodically to ask me sincerely, in the least porn-y way possible, if I like it. After a while, he stops and kisses me, saying, "I really enjoyed that... respectfully, of course." I laugh.
Within half an hour, he's pinning me to the wall by my throat, pulling my hair hard to hear me moan. My face is pressed into his chest hair and he's kissing the top of my head. As soon as he releases me, I pull his hand between my thighs so he can feel me. I've never been wetter in my life.