P Break

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Gugg

Last weekend I surprised my wife by booking a fancy hotel room near our favorite swingers club, it was a corner room on the 25th floor and had windows from the floor to the ceiling, the view was spectacular! After having a great time at the club, making some new friends, taking in the scenery and getting all worked up for each other, we decided to head back to our sexy room for some time to ourselves. By the time we got back we both desperately had to use the bathroom, so we agreed that afterwards we would meet back in the hallway outside our door, and "start over" so we could rush in the room and rip each other's clothes off like a scene in a movie! It was hot, sexy, and fun, and the look of anticipation on my wife's face as I fumbled for the card to open our door is a moment I will never forget! Once we finally got in the room we had the most incredible night, we were sure to explore every inch of that amazing hotel room, and each other of course!