Overnight ride tales

A Sexual Fantasy

— By luv_going_down1985

I once went to see my ex-girlfriend during her year abroad working in Germany. One weekend we decided to go on a city-break to Prague. We decided to take the night train to give us more time. We caught the train at midnight, with a carriage to ourselves we soon fell asleep. In our sleep we soon started stroking and kissing each other and the longer this went on the more our hands wandered - at one point I had my hands underneath my girlfriend's jumper and was fondling her breasts.

It was at this point that the train stopped at a station and a group of passengers got on. An older man climbed into our carriage whilst we pretended to be asleep. As the train set off again he began to fall asleep. As we were both so turned on at this point we decided to carry on. I started to kiss her neck, and began to un-hook her bra, pulling her jumper up so that I exposed her pert, white breasts in the moonlight. My hands wandered down over her body to her trousers as my tongue licked around her nipples. I undid her flies and pulled down her panties, which stuck to her leg as she was so wet. I moved down between her legs, kissing and licking her whilst I slid my fingers inside her. At one point she forced me down and took down my trousers, exposing my throbbing cock before she took me in her mouth.

I couldn't resist for much longer and I eventually moved her onto her back and she took me inside her. We did our best to keep quiet but we were panting and moaning. We kept looking over to the old man to see if he was awake but he did not move at all.

When we had finished we did our best to sraighten our clothes and fell asleep for real. In the morning, as the train pulled in to Prague, before we left the old man suddenly got up, put on his hat, looked at us and winked. "Thank you" he said with a knowing smile. He must have been watching us the whole time...