Our Time Will Come

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Chazezdonz

I have this guy who catches the same train as me on the way home from work, we always make eye contact but we never talk. He is so mysterious and I am so curious. I know nothing about him except that his looks- Dark hair, thin, specs, stubble he also occasionally reads a book or just listens to music. I don't know where he comes from and I don't know where he goes afterwards, but i've always wanted to just follow him home and fuck him. Just a little stalk follow him to his home and he gets a little spooked as you would and then he recognises who I am and we just go for it. I'm not going to lie, I imagine us having sex all the time. Especially when he get's off the train, it's hard to wait till I get home. But for some reason I don't talk to him, still plucking up the courage I guess or maybe I'm just content with my imagination. Either way it is a hot fantasy, and I feel like i'm in control and that our relationship should be more than the daily eye fuck on the train.