Open Relationship

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jon Snow

My name is Jon snow, i was in a living relationship with my girl, her name is Arya. We were sexually active, we used to fuck almost all day.After 2 years of relationship we decided to move back to our respective hometown. We moved back in the month of november 2019, Few days later ive found out that she was cheating on me with my ex- neighbor. Initially it was lil disheartening for me.. But later when i gave a thought of my gal with other guy, it was quite a turn on for me and im getting boner whenever i think about them. I later discussed this with my gal and ive found out that ive an interest in cuckolding. Me and my gal discussed more about cuckolding and decided to make the relationship open. To begin with she found out a guy around her neighborhood and asked me whether she can fuck him, i was so in mood to make them both fuck. The other guy was unaware of our kink, So she said she cant bring me with her while they are in action. I have asked to tape it for me to watch later. But she refused, later she have agreed to record the sounds and i was ok with it. The other guy picked her up in a car and she have started recording the sounds. She called me after the drive and narrated me the whole story. He stopped the car in a quiet place and started kissing her, she was all new to this and she was all in mood, he took off her t shirt and started squeezing her boobs. Hearing this my dick started to rise , she was submissive as it is their first time, he pulled her back of the car and started to remove her jeans and panties. He pulled out his dick(way bigger than mine) and started to fuck her. She was all wet and her juices were all over his dick. He took few strokes without condom and she asked him to wear condom later. After that he was pounding her so hard and he came eventually. Hearing this i also started to stroke my dick and surprisingly with 2 strokes my cum load got blasted out. We have few more true stories. ill confess that later.