One Time, Fun Time

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Randyman

I’ve been a competitive bodybuilder for several years. A couple years ago I started receiving flirtatious messages online through a bodybuilder Facebook page. The lady was much younger, but in great shape. She was 30 at the time, I was 61. After some nude pictures sent by her, she invited me to meet her at a beach town. I couldn’t refuse. Anyway we shared a wonderful evening of food , a strip club, (where she bought me lap dances) and finally sex like nothing I’ve ever experienced. We fucked and sucked all night until I fell asleep in the morning hours. The young lady woke me up by sucker my cock. I asked her for a little rest time, at which she replied, “I want to suck your dick” how could I say no? We had a little late breakfast and returned to the room to enjoy sex for the rest of the day. She left that second evening and I slept like a baby before driving the 4 hours home. We spoke a couple of times after that, but eventually lost touch. It was one of the most amazing times of my life….