The Office Xmas Party

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

This years' office Christmas party is in full swing. And as always .... too much cheap drinks, bad food, bad jokes. And as always some guys that think that they are God's gift to mankind try to seduce the ladies. Like that guy from accounting trying to make a pass at that cute receptionist... But wait... where is Jane? That shy girl from the archives' office? If we scan the deserted offices, we discover that the only lights are on in the managers' office! And there we see them, the girl is spread out nude on the managers desk, and he is kneeling between her spread thighs, fondling and caressing her lower crevasses with his skilled tongue until she orgasms and begs him to fill her up! Gladly he does as requested, and fucks her laying spread-eagle on his desk with her firm, perky buttocks eagerly stuck out towards him. He slowly penetrates her moist pussy, warning her to stay silent. But lust cannot be contained or controlled and soon her moans and shouts echo through the deserted building. He too can no longer hold back! He wets his middle finger and swiftly fills her butt with it. Just before she orgasms he changes holes and fills the shy girls' ass in one, deep thrust! At the moment they both orgasm, the door of the office opens and all office personnel storm in, alarmed by their lustful shouting and moaning! Next monday they will have something to talk about in the coffee corner!