Nymph Cave

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pink Amazonica

A woman gets lost on a beach, and its getting late and cold. She finds refugee on a cave in the side of a cliff, that has a precarious sign reading "Nymph cave", and walks into it. Cave is warm and full of shimmers and seaweed. She hears a singing voice coming from within the cave. She explores and finds a Little natural pool, with warm and pinkish water. She leaves her clothes aside and enters the pool. Jets of warm bubbles strike around and She sits on the nearest one. Her pussy gets a warm and incredible massage. She closes her eyes and feels soft hands caressing her breasfs, her mount of venus, her hair, her ass. When she opens them, theres no one there, only the bubbling pinkish water. She closes her eyes again and feels the water making sweet love to her pussy. She opens her eyes again and sees that the pool is filled with the most sensuous and horny nymphs she has ever seen. They have long hair and red lips. One starts kissing the womans pussy while putting her fingers inside her. Another one lips her breasts and the Third nymph kisses her mouth with the most slow motion Kiss. They switch sides and the woman starts sucking the nymphs breasts and eats passionately her vagina. Mean while another nymph penetrates the woman from behind with her fingers. Its an explosión of shimmer and pleasure. Singing is heard again and the nymphs dive into the pool and dissapear. The woman gets dressed and walks Into the beach, while the sun is rising. She has a mischevious smile on her face and shimmer all over her body.