Numero 7

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Xlr2012

That's a real life story. I met a girl 9 years ago, on a tour bus in new zealand. She was with another guy, but I immediately felt attracted to her. So I started flirting with her until, the night before my flight back home to Switzerland, we ended up kissing on the car trunk in front of her house, and that was it.... so I left, and she stayed, but thanks to whatsapp we kept in touch, and she finally decided to fly back to Europe (she's from spain) to meet me. She took 5 flights and travelled for 3 days, until, the night of my birthday, I got to meet her again at our regional airport. I drove her home, and thought she would be dead tired, but after a light dinner we started kissing, she took started touching my penis and whispered something I'll never forget: "can I say hi?".... she went down to her knees and took my penis in her mouth. We ended up staying awake all night, having passionate sex in all positions imaginable, for 7 rounds.... that girl is now my beautiful wife.... 7 is our lucky number, and that was the craziest, and best, night of my life.