We Are Now Approaching Orgasm

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Peacience

My wife and I sometimes took the late train back home together when she had evening classes and I had to work late. It happend that we were the only ones in one of the train cars. So apart from a visit by the person checking your train ticket, you had some privacy. I had phantasised before of having sex in the train but my wife worried of getting caught by the train conductor and the fact that she usually wore pants, made any effort to entice my wife to do so unsuccesfull. Until one evening... The train conductor had checked our tickets very shortly after the train started so we had a good chance of him not passing by again... and my wife wore a lovely skirt. We started kissing while I gently carressed her breasts. I moved my hands to her butt and under her skirt. While massaging her buttocks I slid somewhat down from my seat so that the bulge of my pants was rubbing on her clitoris. This got her in the right mood. She slowly reached under her skirt and opened the zipper in my trousers and pulled out my penis. I moved away her underwear and felt immediately that she was very wet. She slid my penis in her and we started fucking. The fear of getting caught and knowing that a station where we would stop was coming up made it extra exciting. We both came quite hard and my wife really had to put all her effort in not making noise. Not one minute after I had put my penis back into my pants and my wife had cleaned up the semen, the conductor came by on his way to the next car to go open the doors. Luckily he just saw a young couple and a girl sitting on the lap of her boyfriend and not what had passed before.