Nothing Special

A Sexual Fantasy

— By OneAndOne

We have a regular game evening with friends where we like to play tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. We always play at a home of a different friend, so everybody gets to host it. While we were playing the last time, I had this fantasy. The wife of my friend comes home, greets us, and does some things in the living room while we play. As if it was nothing special, she would crawl under the table at a point and starts sucking my friend. Everyone notices, but no one would comment on this or react. We continue playing. After he climaxed, she crawls out and joins us with a big smile. After a while, my girlfriend, obviously inspired, crawls under the table and starts a blow job on me. Same thing: we continue playing as if nothing special is going on. Of course, we return the favor and give our girlfriends/wives a happy time. Our two single male friends give each other a happy time and our sweet single female friend gets a treat too. One after the other orgasms while the others play. A wonderful atmosphere with excitement, trust, and fun mixed at a usual board game evening! We finish the game, wish each other a nice evening and go home. Until next time. As if nothing special has happened.