Not so hidden

A Sexual Fantasy

— By felistigris

In a crowded night club, dancing, groping and rubbing with the rhythm of the music.. a knee high skirt and a loose t-shirt on me. He slowly moves his hands under my tshirt and skirt.. We got very hot a while later, grab our drinks and find ourselves a stool. We drink and watch people dancing on the stage. He is behind me, one hand holding his beer, the other first lightly plays with my nipples. My butt is on his crotch and I can feel his very hard cock. He then moves his hand under my skirt inside my panties. He begin to play with my clit. Slow but firmly. I’m so wet and want him in me. We can’t in there. He slowly inserts first one then two fingers. I need something hard in me and when I tell him that, he inserts his bottle slowly in me. He continues to play with my clit. I come shaking, he takes his bottle out, licks the rim and drinks it. His bulge is so obvious and he doesn’t try to hide it. I kneel under the stool, open his fly and begin to blow him. I drink his cum while he drinks his beer.