No Tissues in the Nissan

A Sexual Fantasy

— By eatsleepdaverepeat

We chat. We get along. We should meet.
My car breaks down. A backup Nissan takes me to my date. We talk. We drink white wine. It's hot, she's hot. It's time to go.
My Nissan takes us to her car. We kiss in my Nissan. We kiss a lot. I lift her little green dress, my pants go down. She's wet. She is enthusiastic. She makes a lot of noise. I think she comes.
I am enthusiastic too. She strokes, she sucks. I don't know if she is stroking or sucking when I come. We need tissues. My Nissan came without tissues. We need air. Cool conditioned air. The engine runs. Is this paradise by the dashboard light?
We kiss. Goodbye.
Three days later we meet at my place. The Nissan is gone.
We drink cava. I lead her to my bed.
This time we properly fuck. She again makes a lot of noise. I think she comes, at least once.
We use condoms. We do not need tissues.
Stormy weather. We think we should start all over again.
It's time to go. The rain has stopped.
We enjoyed my Nissan, but a bed is a better place. For paradise.