no man's land

A Sexual Fantasy

— By femmeby

It's a hot and humid summer's day in Northern Germany. After a long day, I'm driving through the countryside to visit friends. After a while, I don't really know where I even am anymore. Close to the Dutch border? I don't know. I'm just following the GPS. It feels like I'm a 100km away from anything, in a kind of no man's land. As I'm driving, I'm starting to get a little sleepy. So, after driving past a couple more gas stations, I eventually stop at one. I kind of aimlessly wander into the gas station shop to get a coffee or an ice cream or anything that would keep me awake for the last hour of my drive. At the fridge, I grab a lemonade and then walk back to the counter. While I'm waiting in line and the cashier is talking to a trucker, the door of the gas station shop opens and a girl with face tattoos walks in, followed by her boyfriend. For a split-second, out eyes meet. Then it's my turn to pay at the counter.

The lemonade helps a little, but what really keeps me awake for the next 45 minutes of the drive is a fantasy asking that girl to fuck me and be fucked by me in the back of my car, in some corner of the gas station. Maybe if we would have been in the mood, we would have her boyfriend join to assist us.